Wheel Security

Auto-Grip Wheel Locks

LNG12B-2Auto-Grip® Wheel Locks provide total security solutions for Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Spare Wheels. They are designed and manufactured to withstand African conditions and the only wheel locks to provide total wheel protection for cars and commercial vehicles.

Grip-Tech is approved supplier of wheel lock kits to Ford Motor Company (Motocraft), Nissan, Hyundai, and several OEM distributors. Auto-Grip® Wheel Locks are  approved by VESA (Vehicle Security Association of South Africa), and endorsed by insurance companies.

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Spare Wheel Locks


Grip-Tech Spare Wheel locks include improved vehicle specific mounting kits with lock nuts for the spare wheel.  The range is part of our unique Auto-Grip® Wheel Security system for cars, trucks and trailers with steel or aluminium wheels.

The Auto-Grip spare wheel lock has no moving parts, and locks directly onto the wheel rim so it will never damage the rim or jam, even if covered in mud. It eliminates the weaknesses of conventional key-operated systems, and provides greater security, value and convenience.

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