Are you frustrated with your canopy handle that jams and does not lock properly anymore? Do you struggle to get the key into the lock? You end up slamming the canopy door in frustration … and damage that as well!

You need a simple solution. Fit a Auto-Grip® Shaft-lok Handle …

Most commercially available canopy handles are weak and manufactured from zinc alloy with unreliable low security lock cylinders.  This compromises the security and frustrates drivers who then take out their frustration on the canopy door. Fleet owners also have problems with drivers having common keys, resulting in increased risk.

Our Auto-Grip® all stainless steel T-handles provide long life durability and reliability.

They are ideal for couriers, servicing fleets and commercial customers that carry valued cargo, tools etc.

  • All stainless steel construction for long life corrosion-free operation.
  • Stronger than the canopy itself.
  • Fully compatible retro-fit for existing T-handle mounting holes
  • 90deg handle rotation with spring return.
  • The “shaft-lok” design allows the use of exchangeable padlocks and disk locks directly on the shaft.
  • Handle has a suport hole for padlock when unlocked … won’t get lost.
  • Theives cannot punch out the lock cylinders or break the T-handle.
  • Theft deterrent as good quality padlocks can be used and responsibility placed on the driver.

We have large fleet owners and fleet managers that have specified or T-handles to canopy installers and saved a fortune in downtime, repairs and service call-out costs.

Auto-Grip® Shaft-lok Handles … they just work!