Canopy Locks

Auto-Grip® Canopy Locks - Simply the Best!

The unique new Auto-Grip Canopy lock system is simply the best locking solution for all canopies.

Several unique features provide added security and convenience, eliminating the reliability problems of traditional latching and rod type locking systems. They are compatible with existing T-handle systems and can be retro-fitted to your existing canopy.

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  • In-line Rotating Claw Lock action – Locking claw smoothly rotates around the Locking shackle and clicks closed with a simple push of the door or window. The handle does not need to be operated or the door slammed closed to overcome the friction in existing systems which also eliminates related damage to the canopy.
  • Auto-eject Unlock and Release action – Smooth unlocking action automatically ejects the door away from the lock. Push buttons can be used instead of T-handles as the door clicks open when unlocked.
  • Multiple Lock Mountings – Two models are currently available.
  • Vertical mount for most common canopy doors
  • Surface mount models with up to 30mm adjustment for easily installation to the door frame.
  • Flip-top mount – for flip-top canopy lids. Mounted directly to the pick-up truck’s loadbox without drilling into sheetmetal.
  • Horizontal mount – The shackle is mounted to the side door/window and lock fitted below window for internal operation.
  • Adjustable Locking shackes – Various designs are mounted to the canopy frame and fully adjustable for easy effective installation.
  • Electrical Operation – Unlock your canopy with an electric switch on the canopy door, window, or from within your vehicle. Several options are available to add value and convenience to your canopy.
  • Remote Control and monitoring – Wireless remote unlock control, or link the system to the vehicle security system, central locking, alarm immobiliser or tracking system.
  • Retro-fit Replacement – The Auto-Grip locks can be easily fitted by canopy dealers and installers as replacement locks to existing canopies with faulty traditional locking systems.


Mechanical – Kits include a pair of locks (left and right mount), adjustable locking pins and optional pull rods or cable connectors to the T-handle or Push button.

Pneumatic – Ideal for Storage bins with flammable substances, eg fuel storage bins or fuel tanker bins. Requires 4bar pressurised air.

Electrical – 12V Motorised Vertical and Horizontal kits include a pair of locks (left and right mount),electrical wiring and panel mount push-button switch, adjustable locking shackles.

Remote Control system – includes two remote controls and wireless controller designed for our electrical kits.

OEM kits can be customised for canopy manufacturers, including oem specific locking pins for factory fitment to your canopies.