Truck Wheel Locks

Auto-Grip® Truck Wheel locks

 Effective security for all Steel and Forged-Aluminium wheels.

Frustrated with theft of your expensive wheels?

The risk of stolen wheels impacts not only on the replacement cost, but also related accidents involving the truck and trailer, its load, and third party vehicles. These costs can run to millions .. and poor service delivery.

Auto-Grip® Truck Wheel locks are available for all European, American and most Asian vehicles with steel rims and forged-Aluminium rims that require unique tubular spigot nuts.

Our wheel locks provide cost-effective protection without the need for special tools or skills, and have been endurance tested on long-haul fleets through-out Southern Africa.

Approved by VESA and endorsed by insurance companies, they have received extensive coverage on social media and publications such as the Business Day, Engineering News, Fleetwatch, and Trucking websites.

Unique – Rugged – Secure – Effective

The Ultimate Protection For Your Truck And Trailer Wheels

Unlimited keycode patterns. A unique keycode for your company.

  • Over 10,000 unique keycodes available with our algorithm.
  • Customers have the option to reserve their own unique keycode.
  • Reserved keys and lock nuts made to order, maintaining customer security.

High-Security Stainless Steel collared OEM Nuts to fit any stud length. Tested to 1000 Nm torque.

  • High strength stainless-steel with Grade 10 hardened/tempered threaded nut as per OEM specification and insurance requirements.
  • Designed for long-term 550-650Nm working torque. Tested to exceed 1000 Nm.

Layered security with the latest theft-resistant features.

  • Smooth outer slip-ring profile to prevent primary attack by any wrench.
  • Stainless-steel collar designed with several features to resist extreme secondary attack with chisels and hammers without compromising security.
  • Five hardened interlocking pins.

Compact, stylish, easy to use design.

  • Compact design to fit inside rims with external hub caps.
  • Corrosion resistant for all road environments and coastal areas.
  • High-quality stainless-steel finish compliments your vehicle and alloy rims.
  • Adapter keys and lock nuts have two identification marks for easy alignment and engagement
  • Hex profile on the adapter keys is 24mm long for long-term use with standard wheel tools.