Wheel Locks

LNG12B-2Auto-Grip® Wheel Locks provide total security solutions for Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Spare Wheels. They are designed and manufactured to withstand African conditions and the only wheel locks to provide total wheel protection for cars and commercial vehicles.

Grip-Tech is approved supplier of wheel lock kits to Ford Motor Company (Motocraft), Nissan, Hyundai, and several OEM distributors. Auto-Grip® Wheel Locks are  approved by VESA (Vehicle Security Association of South Africa), and endorsed by insurance companies.

LBG12AOur wheel locks have received extensive press coverage in reputable publications such as Engineering News (download local copy here), Fleetwatch, and received several Endorsements

Please read our Wheel Lock Fitting Instructions

Our wheel lock ranges include the following.

  • Car Wheel Locks (Bolts and Nuts) for cars and SUV vehicles.
  • Spare Wheel Locks for Pick-ups and light commercial vehicles with externally mounted Spare wheels.
  • Truck Wheel Locks for Heavy Commercial Trucks and Trailers with Steel or Forged Aluminium rims.

Common Features

  • Slim-Line Design – The Auto-Grip® design fits all wheel rims, including stylish rims with narrow lug holes.
  • Multiple Lock Packs – Four Lock Pack includes two keys,
  • Multi-Hex Key -The lock keys are specially designed with multi-hex heads to ensure they fit the vehicle’s wheel spanner. No other tools are required.
  • High Security – Grooved internal profiles resist the use of general tools and sockets. Tapered heads prevent loosening by pipe wrenches.
  • High Quality – High-grade steel locks, triple Nickel-Chrome plated for long lasting corrosion resistance.
  • Easy Storage – Keys have a integrated key-ring for hanging on a key rack or attached to the vehicle’s keys.

LNS-1  Auto-grip wheel-locks    Auto-grip wheel-lock pattern

Please visit our e-commerce site www.auto-grip.co.za , where you can search our latest products by vehicle make and model.

Alternatively, download the latest brochure (pdf) from the Brochure webpage, or contact us directly for a complete compatibility listing of vehicle models and spare wheel mounting kits for chassis mounted spare wheels.