Spare Wheel Locks

SWL-Amarok-kitGrip-Tech Spare Wheel locks include improved vehicle specific mounting kits with lock nuts for the spare wheel.  The range is part of our unique Auto-Grip® Wheel Security system for cars, trucks and trailers with steel or aluminium wheels.

The Auto-Grip spare wheel lock has no moving parts, and locks directly onto the wheel rim so it will never damage the rim or jam, even if covered in mud. It eliminates the weaknesses of conventional key-operated systems, and provides greater security, value and convenience.

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Grip-Tech is a approved supplier of spare wheel locks to Ford Motor Company (Motocraft), Hyundai, and several OEM distributors. Our vehicle specific SWL kits for Light Commercial vehicles include all 1 Ton and 1/2Ton vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Isuzu, Colt, Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai etc), as well as trailers and caravans.

Advantages of Auto-Grip® Spare wheel locks compared to Conventional locks

SWL-FortunaSWL-Toy-Quantum-kitThe spare wheel on Light commercial utility vehicles and SUVs is mounted on the tailgate or underneath the chassis between the rear wheels where it is subjected to moisture, dirt, mud and impacts. This exposure causes conventional key operated spare wheel locks to jam, rust and get damaged.

Conventional spare wheel locks hang just below the spare wheel on a shaft that fits loosely through a wheel lug hole onto the chassis. Thieves attack the exposed shaft and snap off the hanging lock body. The shaft also damages the wheel lug hole through long term vibration.

The Auto-Grip® spare wheel lock system has improved vehicle specific mounting kits with lock nuts for the spare wheels, and no moving parts. It bolts directly onto the wheel so it will never damage the rim, and will never jam, even if buried in mud. The locks withstand off-road conditions and are approved by VESA and major motor manufacturers.

Auto-Grip® Total Wheel Security

SWL Hyundai-H1-kitSWL


The popular DIY Kits are our “full-house” kits that include 4 additional wheel locks for the road wheels, providing total wheel security.

All kits include detailed fitting instructions and are very easily installed in minutes.