GTS Vehicle-Specific Gearlocks

Auto-Grip® GTS “Stealth” vehicle-specific locks are compact, concealed push-button locks that mount inside the center console. The latest generation reduces fitting time and complexity during installation, complements the interior design, and provides greater convenience for the driver.

The new generation combines the best of our previous “GT3” and “Stealth” kits, saving fitment centres time and effort during installation. They represent the latest in high tech fitment kits, and include all mounting hardware and fitting instructions. A full listing of vehicle specific kits is available.


  • Easy installation and operation. Typically installed in 30-45 minutes
  • Mechanically reliable, no electronics, no false alarms.
  • High quality, concealed theft deterrent.
  • Designed and tested in South Africa to resist attack (VESA approved)
  • Excellent Value for vehicle owner – no monthly insurance premiums.
  • Vehicle specific kits for most popular South African vehicles

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