GTS Universal Barrel Pinlocks

Grip-Tech’s Auto-Grip® GTS Universal series Barrel-Pinlocks are small internal concealed Pinlocks that prevent the theft of vehicles by manually locking the gearshift in Reverse or Park. They are very compact and ideal for installation in small spaces by any after-market fitment centre. The latest GTS Vehicle Specific series presents the latest in mechanical security.

They are affordable, very effective, and eliminate the reliability problems and false alarms associated with electronic systems.

The Auto-Grip® GTS series Barrel-pinlocks are supplied with all the required mounting hardware, and correct installation procedures. They are mounted inside the centre console directly onto the chassis, or with optional steel mounting brackets that are available in various lengths. We also supply bending equipment for bending these brackets to suit the vehicle chassis. The GTS series Barrel-pinlocks are approved by the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa.


  • Mechanically reliable, no electronics, no false alarms.
  • High quality Pinlock, designed and tested in South Africa. Resistant to attack
  • Cost-Effective – Easy installation and operation, no monthly premiums.
  • Pin Sizes – 120mm, 140mm, 160mm lengths

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