Gearlever Locks

Auto-Grip GT1100 Gearlock

Auto-Grip GT1100 Gearlock

Auto-Grip® GT Gearlocks secure the gearshift lever of a vehicle in Reverse or Park gear. They are highly visible, and render the vehicle theft-proof and impossible to drive when the gearlever is locked.

Our High-Security Gearlocks are affordable, effective immobilizers that eliminate the reliability problems and false alarms associated with electronic systems.

Auto-Grip GT1100 Gearlock locked

They can be installed by any after-market fitment centre, and are supplied with all mounting hardware to fit directly onto the vehicle chassis by means of optional steel mounting brackets.


Auto-Grip GT1100 Gearlock unlockedAuto-Grip® GT Gearlocks are tested and approved by the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA). 

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Gearlock Range

GT100 Chrome plated and hardened steel shackle (50-58HRC) and casings, Tough Zinc latches and springs, 5pin cylinder with 3 keys.
GT1100As for GT100, upgraded with;     Hardened Alloy Steel latches, Hardened Alloy Steel shackle. Hardened alloy steel latches (55-60 HRC), tested to 5000kg-shear strength. Cannot be penetrated by any chisel, drill, bolt cutter, or steel saw. Resistant to acid and liquid nitrogen attack.
 GT1100W As for GT1100, upgraded steel casings welded into one piece. batch coded and marked with ABS approval by VESA.


  • Two shackle sizes available – Short (110mm), Long (120mm)
  • ABS covers in Black or Grey colours.
  • Packed in white boxes or sealed plastic bags, 10 or 20 units per shipper carton.